Wednesday, July 8, 2009

baboons and broken internet...

both so common in africa :) i was taking breakfast yesterday morning on the back porch which overlooks the rift valley...when a good sized baboon decided to perch 10 ft from me. after i caught my breath, i slowly made my way indoors. they are known for attacking humans....and if you want to remain disease keep clear of them. an experience nonetheless.

to recap--our flights were great from london to tanzania to kenya. didnt get much sleep on the flight which i feel like i am still trying to catch up with time zones and night flights..but im feeling pretty good. the greatest part of my flights--passing over the french alps at sunset. unreal. then...drumroll....MT KILIMANJARO. oh my goodness, no words can express how awesome it is to fly directly over her. she must be climbed....someday.

kenya has been awesome. it feels like i was here just yesterday..though it was a year ago. i was warmly greeted by the hospital workers...who are all the same as last year. kenyans are the warmest and most genuine welcoming committee you could ever want. i love it. i taught yesterday and was given great reviews. apparently, i am a gifted speaker--who knew??? i can barely remember what i said through the profuse sweating and constant thought i making any sense here?? good thing, the Lord takes over and makes all things work. wheeew, thank you Lord.

work is done for just play. tomorrow will entail of a volcano hike and then Friday---4 of us are off to the masai mara for the safari of a lifetime. im not kidding when i say this--i have never been so excited to go see BIG STINKIN animals. elephants and lions here i come...well, in a car and well protected, of course. oh and check this out--our tents are smack in the middle of a moat--so animals can not eat us in the middle of the night. um....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

the technology transfer workshop for the LEGS knee went really well. its so interesting to see how different cultures embrace technology. we were told that the minister of health in senegal was so impressed that he wants to invite all the neighboring west african countries next year. unbelievable that a small, christian engineering school in east texas--can develop a knee and take it to the other side of the world. purely, the Lords favor.

thats it for me--i will try to post after the safari. i am unable to get online with my computer so no pics until i get home on the 14th. sorry for that.

please pray for safety as we are traveling 4 hrs from nairobi for the safari...the roads and driving here are an adventure in itself. asante (thank you in swahili).



Anonymous said...

you are awesome girl!! i love reading these things they make me wish i was you....i have told you that so many times. safe and keep being megan.

Emily said...

Ooooh!!! I can't wait to hear about the safari!! If it were me, I would brush out this curly hair of mine so the male lions would think I am just one of them. You know it!