Wednesday, July 15, 2009

crescent island, masai mara and home

hey all! the last week has been nothing less than epic. recap. thursday--a few of us on the team went to crescent island in navaisha, kenya. unreal. we packed lunches and took a boat to the island. from the island...we hiked around for 4 hrs, chased wildabeests, walked and had lunch with giraffes, ect. im telling you-i felt like i was in national geographic. the great part of the island is-there are NO predators other than hippos. you have to watch out for those. they kill more people in africa than any other animal. very territorial and quite violent. anywho-ill post my pics on facebook soon. Friday--masai mara. everyone should go there. hands down. it is just another way of seeing--God showing off. this place is FULL of animals. if you have heard of the african serengeti...well that is in Tanzania (a neighbor to kenya)...and the serengeti becomes the masai mara once you cross into kenya. the greatest part of this time of year: the wildabeest migration. Millions of wildabeest and zebras begin their annual migration in july which lasts until sept. i was able to see the 1st groups come into kenya. so surreal. highlights of the trip--FINALLY SEEING ELEPHANTS IN THE WILD!!!!! im telling you--im obsessed. i can not get enough of them. the 1st herd i spotted--i yelped and said STOPPPP. they were off in the distance...little did i know i would see hundreds and they would walk infront of my car. magical. we also saw lions (quite a few--even caught 2 different couples mating--really felt like natl geographic), cheetahs (wait for those pics!), monkeys, tons of birds, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, tons of deer like things, hippos and crocs. nothing makes you feel pulling up to a few lions basking in the sun.

so now...i write to you from good ole katy texas. got home yesterday afternoon after 24 hrs of travel. praise the Lord we were upgraded to business class from kenya to london...makes such a difference on an overnight flight. yesterday was NOT my day of traveling though. i was "randomly" searched 3 times yesterday. yes, 3. then...they took my carry on and checked it because i had 2 wooden letter openers. whoops. so yeah, i was worn out and ready to be home. 1st stop off the plane--DIET DR PEPPER. hmm hmm good. i am home for 5 days--then off to new zealand and australia for vacation. no work. all play. amen. hope to see many of you in the next few days.

many more adventures to come,


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